What is Indie Film Depot?

Indie Film Depot is an online streaming service for curated independent films. Each film is hand-selected by Team IFD. We have special festival periods where you'll have the chance to compete against top filmmakers world wide. After the festival period ends, you have the option to keep your film on IFD to gain even more exposure.

How do I submit a film?

Upload instructions and requirements can be found on our Submit Page. Please send all submissions on FilmFreeway. We cannot view or accept submissions sent to us any other way.

Does Team IFD really watch every film?

Yes, and we love it! We do watch every film that gets submitted. During our open submission period we have a ton of films to watch so we might not see yours right away. Submitting early does not increase your chances of getting accepted.

What happens if my film gets selected?

You become a member of the IFD Family! Your film will be available to stream worldwide. 

Can I have my film removed from IFD?

Sadly, yes. Hate to see you go, but we got your back! Send an email to teamifd@indiefilmdepot.com requesting your film to be removed from IFD.

Why should my film be on IFD? What are the benefits?

Great question, simple answer! IFD exists for one reason, Independent Film. We are curating a platform specifically for independent film. We are building relationships that will help us connect great filmmakers with distribution partners, funding opportunities and host events specifically for the IFD family. On top of all of that, we look at IFD as a symbiotic relationship. Our success will result in the success of the entire IFD family as our profits will be shared with the IFD family in various ways. 

How can I get involved?

First thing you can do is submit your film. We are always looking for great content, if our submissions aren’t open when you check in just join our mailing list, there will be another right around the corner. Don’t have a film that you are ready to submit but still want to be involved? We can’t do this without the support of film lovers and filmmakers. We’ll be looking for volunteers for events, let us know if you would like to help out! Last, if you’ve got an idea that you think would help IFD and our filmmaking family, drop us a line. We would love to hear it!